Tom Shirley

The purpose of this website is to inform the American public, the United States Congress and other conservation organizations of the misguided direction that has been taken by the Everglades restudy team. The current Army Corps of Engineers recommendation on how to restore the Everglades is not correct.

It should be clearly understood that I do not object to the 8.4 billion dollar Everglades Restoration Program. I do object to the restudy team's recommendations concerning water depths. The water depths they are seeking will cause further destruction of the Everglades. I have extended much effort in assembling a document of written materials with photographs. Some of these photographs were taken in the late 1950's, others from later periods and several during the high water crisis in 1999.

The US Army Corps of Engineer's (USACE) website is being used to sell their Everglades Restoration Plan. It is my opinion that this site does not illustrate what they are really about to do under the name of restoration. This site accurately shows what the USACE will really accomplish.

I have used copies of the USACE graphs showing water depths taken by me in the 1940's and 1950's. This was before water managers made dramatic high water depth stages in the Everglades. It is very important for one to understand that water depths of more that fifteen (15") inches for more than a six -(6) week period will cause death and destruction to animal and plant life. It is imperative that everyone working on the Everglades restoration plan to recognized this very important fact. The proper seasonal water depth creates life or destruction in the Everglades ecosystem.

The toxic pollution, methyl-mercury and cattails increase due to deeper water is not being addressed in the restoration plan. The high water depths will destroy the Florida Panther (Endangered Species), Everglades Mink (Threatened Species), and sixty-six (66) other animals and plants.

Politics is very strong and effective in Florida thus we find it necessary to go outside of our own state to seek help to "Save the Everglades". Floridians need your help to, "Protect the Remaining Everglades" and make sure the 8.4 billion dollars of American taxpayers dollars is not spent to make the Everglades Conservation Areas into a water storage area for Florida's rapid urban and agricultural expansion.

I am asking Congress to show leadership in making sure the US Army Corp of Engineers plan is revised to really save all of the remaining Everglades. If this is not done than the USACE used Everglades Restoration as a sales promotion to get billions of tax dollars to generate jobs and to further destroy the Everglades. I would appreciate each of you to take the necessary time to study and review the contents of this booklet. Your leadership is sincerely needed to protect the remaining Everglades for the enjoyment of future generation. Remember natural seasonal water flows took thousands of years before Christ was born to create this beautiful ecosystem called the Everglades. It has taken the Army Corps of Engineers to destroy most of it only 100 years. We ask that you take the necessary leadership actions to stop the Everglades from being yet another DEAD ZONE.

Respectfully Yours,     Tom Shirley


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