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The Everglades Coordinating Council (ECC) is an umbrella organization for almost every sportsmen's/conservation clubs in South Florida. Our membership is concentrated in the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) and we have enjoyed these lands/waters since the 1940's. We have been involved with the Everglade's restoration issues before it was popular. Our members worked to save the Everglades and create the laws to protect them from drainage and development. We worked to draw attention the Kissimmee River ditch issues and the pollution of Lake Okeechobee.


We had representation on the Commission that participated in the development of the current restoration plan. We continue to be involved in these issues. Our representative expressed serious concerns with the restudy plan and pointed out many problems. Many of these concerns and problems were corrected. There still remains one big problem that has not been corrected and must be corrected for the ECC to continue its support of the current restoration plan. This restoration plan must significantly improve the environmental quality of the Water Conservation Areas (WCA2 & 3). At the present time these areas are not being restored, but are being used to hold water for other parts of the ecosystem. This action is wrong because there is more natural Everglades habitat north of US 41 then south of US 41. This is wrong because if the Everglades north of US 41 are not restored it will not be long before the Everglades National Park is degraded by the water management practices that has almost completely destroyed the Water Conservation Areas.


We strongly encourage the US Congress to insist that the US Corps of Engineers and South Florida Water Management District restoration plan be able to classify Water Conservation Areas 3A & 313 as "GREEN" and Water Conservation Area 213 as "YELLOW' on their Environmental Quality Control Improvement Chart. If not then Congress should not approve any funding for such a plan that will not restore the Water Conservation Areas. If these improvements are not made we will have to reconsider supporting the restoration plan. Without these improvements in their current plan the majority of the Everglades ecosystem will not be restored but will be completely destroyed.


To help with this process we have attached a number of documents and photographs that show the results of what happens with mismanagement of Florida's waters.


I will take this opportunity to endorse Mr. Tom Shirley whom supplied a lot of the letters, documents, and actual real time photographs. Tom has spent most of his lifetime in the Water Conservation Areas of South Florida and can be considered an expert in the opinion of the ECC. He has become extremely active during these past two years because he knows first hand what is happening in the Everglades. Please take the time to read his enclosed input about the existing problems and his recommendations to make the right decision. The most important document in our report is Tom's seasonal water depth chart. This chart shows the proper water depth to be maintained on a monthly basis to insure a healthy Everglades ecosystem. This is the key to restoring life or bringing final death to the Everglades.


Your decision to authorize and fund the properly developed Everglades Restoration plan as we have so recommended will probably be the final decision to protect what is left of the Everglades ecosystem. So we encourage you to show the utmost leadership in this extremely important State and National issue.


We are looking for strong leadership on this issue from all elected officials in Washington DC. We hope you will ensure the proper plan is approved and funded to restore the remaining Greater Everglades' ecosystem and not just selected portions of the Everglades.






Wayne Jenkins


Everglades Coordinating Council

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