Debunk myths on Everglades restoration


By Terry L Rice

Retired Col. Terry L. Rice, a research scientist at Florida International University , previously commanded the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Jacksonville District. He also represents the Miccosukee Tribe on the Working Group for South Florida Ecosystem Restoration.

    OFTEN, as Jean Jacques Rousseau cautioned in his Discourse, "We are deceived by the outward appearance of right." It is this "outward appearance of right" that has fixated the South Florida Water Management District's board on the removal of residents of the 8 1/2 Square Mile Area in the name of restoration, even though restoration can be achieved at less cost and in less time while avoiding the destruction of more than 350 homes. The delay caused by the board's decision will permit the continued destruction of the Everglades and may doom its restoration forever.

    To the board, the removal of the people who live "west" of the Corps levee appears "right," even though it accepts without question tens of thousands on the "east" side, whose negative impact on the Everglades has been much greater. Further, this appearance of right has been transmogrified into "an absolute right," in the minds of even the keenest intellects, by the contrivance and promulgation of myths: 

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