20 September 1999

Richard Punnett

U. S. Army Corp Of Engineers

P.O. Box 4970

Jacksonville, Florida 32232-0019

I am forwarding 1965 through 1995 water table history recorded in conservation Area 2 and 3. In reviewing the water tables in Area 2 to see what killed off the wildlife and destroyed all the islands. It is very apparent that depth of water over 15 inches was the normal procedures. The restudy teams approval of 30 inches is quite evident that it will completely destroy the wildlife and hammocks throughout Area 3, the same as it did in Area 2.


In 1966 I met with the chief hydrologist, Mr. Miller, of The South Florida Flood Control, he advised that there was not to be any water height within Area 3 that would exceed 18 inches. These regulations not to exceed 18 inches were set forth in its original design. The wildlife and the ecosystem were not to be HARMED. This 18 inch depth set forth has been completely over looked with a complete disregard to its destruction of one of the worlds natural wonders.


The Army Corps of Engineers activities of The Everglades area has killed off Area 2. Apparently this is no concern to them to this date. The approval of 30 inches in Area 3 will completely devastate and destroy The Everglades north of Highway 41.    30 Inches would destroy the Hammocks not create them. This procedure of ignoring what history has proven in Area 2 is down right frightening to me that our own government could go forth with such a plan. I am sure the American Citizens throughout America would be outraged as I am.


I am forwarding copies of Hydrographs of water levels on Area 2 and 3 with my drawings of destruction water depth and dates from 1965 to 1995, and hope that we will not let history repeat itself. There has been much discussion on the history concerning water levels and the making of hammocks and islands. Some reports advise that the water table in The Everglades was as much as 4.5 feet. Review the hydrograph 2A-17 central portion of WCA-2A. The islands were des­troyed of water depth well under 30 inches or over 18 inches.


The Everglades as I knew it was a wonderful nursery for all migrating bird life from other parts of the world, such as Canada and South America. It was nature working at its greatest efficiency and beauty. I know because I was there to witness the worlds natural wonder working at its peak. It was a glorious sight to see. I was there you should have been.

I remain,




Tom Shirley


Billy Cypress

Col Robson, FFWCC

Fuller, FWF

M. A. Poole, FFWCC

Jack Moller

L. Heisler, FFWCC

Wayne Nelson

F. R. Finch, SFWMD



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